1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling

Every Friday night since 1978, storytellers and listeners have been gathering in downtown Toronto for an open evening of oral stories. Each Friday night is unique, and everyone is welcome to come and listen, come and tell. On these nights, we come as listeners and as tellers: we may ramble on, recite, relate, recount, retell, or recollect; however, we may never, ever read. You might hear traditional tales, stories of personal experience, literary stories, original stories, ballads, or episodes from history, all told through the human voice.

Time: 8:00 p.m. sharp to 10:00 p.m. more or less
(doors open around 7:30 p.m.)
Don't be late – we get started promptly!

Cost: $5.00

Location: Innis College Café
2 Sussex Avenue, Toronto
(Corner of Sussex and St. George, one block south of Bloor)

TTC: By subway, go to the St. George station, use the St. George exit,
and walk south one block along the west side of St. George.
By bus, take the Wellesley bus to St. George,
and walk one block north along the west side of St. George.

Parking: There are metered parking spots along the west side of St. George
from Bloor down past Harbord, both underground and street-level lots
on the east side of St. George (opposite the Robarts Library), and
street-level parking lots on either side of Huron, north of Bloor.
One-hour street parking on Sussex is free, but that time limit is enforced.
To see nearby paid parking spots on a photo map of the area, click here.

Map of the neighbourhood around Innis College, Toronto

Café: The café space, located in the northwest corner of the ground floor
of Innis College, is fully accessible to those with mobility limitations.
We offer tea with cookies or cakes and ask for an extra donation to cover our costs.
You are welcome to bring your own coffee or some extra snacks to share.

Tellers: We usually feature an open stage, where anyone who attends
is welcome to tell a story. We can't guarantee who will tell on which
night, but these are some of the tellers who most frequently appear:
Norm Perrin, Anna Kerz, Meryl Arbing,
Donna Dudinsky, Molly Sutkaitis, Celia Lottridge,
Howard Kaplan, Karen Kaplan, Pat Bisset,
Mark Jenkins, Eden Nameri, Natasha Charles, Bänoo Zan,
and Dan Yashinsky.

Every once in a while, instead of simply featuring an open stage,
we pre-arrange the tellers for part or all of a special evening.
The sidebar to the left will show you anything special we have planned —
if nothing is listed, then it's our regular open stage.

You can click here instead, if you'd like

For a calendar of our storytelling hosts
and our special evenings, click here
or click the calendar image.

For information about some other local storytelling events,
see the web site for Storytelling Toronto.

For a detailed calendar of Ontario storytelling events, including many in Toronto,
see the web site for Storytellers of Canada - Conteurs du Canada.

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